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Hosting a “Come as you’ll BE Party!”

Posted in Personal with tags , , , , , , , , , on July 27, 2009 by Nanci Fulmek

I had been working on a program from Jack Canfeild & Paul Scheele – Effortless Success in there they suggest to hold a “Come as you’ll be party.” I thought that would be fun.  So, since I teach the art marketing class The Art of Selling YOUR Art at The Atelier, I already have a bunch of students who have went through my goal setting workshop.  I invited a bunch of them to the party telling them that now that they have their 5 year goals, and are working toward them, now come to my party as though it was 5 years from today and bring photos of you accomplishing your goals, places you have seen, awards you have won, and any props that can help tell your story of how you achieved your goals, what it feels like now that you are there, etc… 

We all decided to make it a pot luck dinner.  So when everyone arrived we all sat a big table, as though we were old friends who got together as a reunion and talked and ate.  It was so much fun!  I started each topic of discussion.  Picking an area of topic such as “Relationships, Success, Personal Growth, Health, and Misc.”   I brought a 3 ring binder full of photos of me (photo-shopped) into my goal photos. Such as ones of me in my figure of a size 4, all sculpted.  And then I talked about how I achieved this goal.  Once I got it started, others joined into the conversation on what health/ fitness/ etc. goals they also achieved and we clapped & cheered at others as they talked about how they did it.  We continued on each topic this way until everyone had their turn.  Then we went to another area.  I also brought trophy’s and ribbons (which I changed the dates and award title – and added my name to it) – they were great visuals.

At the end of the night, everyone was upbeat, motivated that they could really SEE achieving their goals now.  People got ideas on HOW to acieve their goal from others.  There was higher clarity then before.  Even so I have been working on goal setting and achieving for years, I even got excited about putting the photos together and talking about them.  I think there was a lot of energy just in the prep work of the event.  Then when the event came, even more energy came.  After the party, now when I view my 3-ring binder I get even more excited as I have already check some of the items off my list.

If anyone is thinking about hosting a come as you’ll be party – I HIGHLY suggest it!