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Beau 4×4 mini

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Oil on Canvas


Grandma Agnes – Portrait at 100 years old – oil on canvas

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“Grandma Agnes: Portrait at 100 years old”

Oil on Canvas

Collection of the Artist

Well, this is a hard one.  On my grandmothers 99th birthday I asked her if she would sit for me for a portrait.  Really, I just wanted to spend some time with her, the painting was a bonus.  Just about every thursday morning, I went to visit her and paint.  After a few months, she said to me.  “Nanci, is is common for people my age to get their portrait painted?” I never laughed so hard.  How do I answer that? Do I say that people don’t normally live as long as you do, or the fact that not many people have their portrait as it is…. hmmm… so I said “Grandma, I am pretty sure, in all of history, very few people have ever had their portrait painted at your age.”   She was so surprised and honored.  I will never forget that one!

A couple of months before her 100th birthday, she became very tired and no longer wanted to sit for me.  I HAD to have this finished in time for her big birthday party! So I took a few photos and stayed up night and day in my studio to finish just in time.  Since I switched to photos, I can not see as much as you can when you paint from life.  So I got it presentable for the party, and needed just one more day to finish the details. 

The 100th birthday party came, and she was so excited!  Sadly, the day after her 100th birthday she passed away.


So here is my unfinished portrait of my Grandma Agnes at 100 years.

To end on a happy note, this painting was excepted into the MN State Fair this last summer! What an honor! I just wish Grandma could have seen it there.

Merry Chirstmas Grandma! I miss you!

Holiday Open House

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Stop by and visit our Holiday Open Studio Party!

The artists of the ACVR Wharehouse will have their studios open for our 1st annual Holiday Party!~

Sat Dec 3rd, 2011
10:00 – 5:00

106 Water St W
4th Floor
St Paul, MN 55107

Join my Facebook page and “Check in” at my studio and save 10% off any in stock original!

I have originals for sale starting at $25!

Oils / Charcoal / Pencil

Horses, Still life, landscapes and more!

ALSO!! Come see the NEW Santa painting! “Kringle’s Workshop”

See you then!


Portrait in Oil of Grandma Agnes at age 100

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So what do you do when you live to be 100 years old?

You have your granddaughter paint your portrait.  She thinks it is the best idea ever!  (aka me!)

I got to sit with my grandmother almost every thursday morning from her 99th birthday until her 100th birthday, to paint and chat and hear her funny stories. 

Sadly, she passed away 2 days after her 100th birthday.

On a good note… My unfinished painting of my grandmother made it into the MN State Fair 2011 Fine Arts Competition! Yay!   So if you go to the fair this year to see the food and fun, make sure to stop at the Fine Arts building and VOTE for my painting!

I will repost a better photo of this once I get it photographed! 🙂

Who is John Galt?

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2010 Upcoming Events & More

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Just an update…

Jan 2010: St Paul Winter CarnivalA-Z Gallery –  and Black Dog Cafe in Lowertown St Paul is hosting the 1st “Winter Carnival Art Show.”  I have 3 pieces, My Skates, Sleigh Ride, & Klondike Kate portrait.  Stop by to vote for your favorite piece!

I am also working on 2 paintings of Canterbury Park’s 2009 Horse of the year “Chick Fight.”  I will have these done before the racing season starts.

A new “Santa” painting is also in the works! 

Along with several portraits in the works too.

2010 will be a great year!



Zebra or Horse? Stewie is that you?

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Stewie the Zebra


I just had to post this one.  My friend Natalie got creative when clipping Stewie.  Stewie totally looks like a zebra.  I laughed so hard I had to share!  I just love this!  Natalie – you totally have a gift!