“The Magic of Christmas” by Nanci Fulmek Oil on Canvas

“The Magic of Christmas”

Oil on Canvas
Original Framed 

Signed Open Edition Prints
Print – image size 13×17 
Framed Special

Giclee on Canvas Signed Limited Edition
Small Canvas Approx 16×24
Large Canvas Approx 22×32

 There is something timeless about seeing a painting of Santa Claus in oil. This is the first in the series of Santa portraits I have done.   To celebrate Santa coming to the town of Hudson WI every year for 25 years. It is fun to see the kids who used to come visit him, now bring their own kids.  So here in the globe could be any quiet little town, but people from Hudson, WI will know the landmarks.

This is my first oil I ever painted in color. Yikes! It took me over 200 hours of just painting.  Not including the drawing and designing time.  I give Santa a huge THANK YOU since he came to my studio in the middle of the summer (without any air conditioning) wearing his fur coat for this.  I was sure I was on Santa’s bad list, but when I finished the painting he said I was now again on the “Good” list.   feww…………  haha

For purchase information email me for details 

Or prints are available at Kelley Galleries
in Woodbury MN 651-738-7776,
and Hudson, WI 715-386-4112
or  Kelley Frame and Fine Art Galleries


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