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Portrait in Oil of Grandma Agnes at age 100

Posted in Personal, Portraits on August 26, 2011 by Nanci Fulmek

So what do you do when you live to be 100 years old?

You have your granddaughter paint your portrait.  She thinks it is the best idea ever!  (aka me!)

I got to sit with my grandmother almost every thursday morning from her 99th birthday until her 100th birthday, to paint and chat and hear her funny stories. 

Sadly, she passed away 2 days after her 100th birthday.

On a good note… My unfinished painting of my grandmother made it into the MN State Fair 2011 Fine Arts Competition! Yay!   So if you go to the fair this year to see the food and fun, make sure to stop at the Fine Arts building and VOTE for my painting!

I will repost a better photo of this once I get it photographed! 🙂