Klondike Kate 2007 Darice Koepke

“Klondike Kate 07: Darice Koepke”


So the Story of painting “Kate” did not start as a normal portrait job.  I was set up to do an “Art Demo” at the City County Credit Union in St Paul.   It was Dec 2007, and I thought I would paint a quick still life of something holiday themed, like maybe some ornaments or something.  Then! Just a few days before then called me to say “GUESS WHAT! We got Klondike Kate from the St Paul Winter Carnival to model for you!!”   At first I about died, as I have never done a portrait in front of other people, other than painting the person themself. Then my second panic was that I only had 3 hours.  What in the world was I going to do in 3 hours!?!?  So I met up with Darice before hand a took some quick photos and sketched a few images of her before I started the portrait.  Then after the event itself,  (to my standards – it looked awful!) but everyone was very impressed how much I got done with  only 3 hours and the camera guy in my face for 1/2 of it.  So, to make a LONG story short.  Darice said “OMG! You did all that in 3 hours? How much to pay you to finish it?”  We agreed to re-set up the portrait in my studio & she came when she could.  The Klondike Kate schedule is a lot more than I thought, it is ALL YEAR long!  The things you learn.  Darice sat live for the entire portrait, and the last day, I gave up on the necklace she first had on, and we switched it. (so if anyone even noticed)

There! Done!  It took 2 years, but it was only 27 hours total!!  few…..!

It is on display at the Black Dog Cafe in St Paul, MN.  Stop in & vote for it!  The closing ceremony is Jan 29th, 2010 at 6:00.


3 Responses to “Klondike Kate 2007 Darice Koepke”

  1. Nice! Love serendipity like that! And I bet she is thrilled!

  2. I believe she is! Thanks Terri!

  3. Kathy Maniscalco Says:

    Hi Nanci,
    Congrats on selling it! Nice job.

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