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MN Arabian Fall Festival

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Come and visit me at the MN Arabian Fall Festival this weekend.  Oct 1-3, 2009.   At the MN State Fair Grounds.  I will have my booth inside the horse barn at the south enterance, next to the Barn Office.

I will have my HUGE MUST SEE LIVE painting of Prince & Malia there.  40×60!!  And I will be having a drawing for a $250 gift certificate.

I hope to see you there!


Burt the Bear

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Burt the bear 4inch (c)

“Burt the Bear”

Oil on Canvas

Mary Jane and Nanci

Mary Jane Keller from Brookside Resort on Two Inlets Lake with me holding my Plen Air painting of “Burt the Bear.”  Burt was named after Mary Jane’s husband (Dave)’s  Dad Burt.

Every time I walked past Burt, I thought about how cool it would be to paint.  Problem was, the sun rarely ever hit him.  He was just about always in the shade from all the trees.  So, I started the drawing , then came back about 2:30 that afternoon and laid in the basic color which took about 30 min.  Then I sat there and waited and waited and waited, for the sun to move so Burt would be hit by sunlight.  Then it was just after 3:15 & I painted like a mad woman locking in all the shadows and keying up all the lights & a flicker of highlights all in 15 min.  few……… that was a lot of work!