Whitetail Deer Painting in Oil Study

Whitetail Study 4inch

Whitetail Deer Study

Oil on Canvas

I had stopped over to see my friend Kyle, when I almost ran right into this huge deer mounted on his wall.  It was just stunning & I could not stop looking at it.  Finally I had to ask if I could come over to paint it.  So, when we both had the same evenings off, I would stop over to work on it a few hours here, and a few hours there, all under the very dim light from his kitchen.  I wanted to capture that same look I saw that first day I saw it.

I hope you enjoy as much as I do!


2 Responses to “Whitetail Deer Painting in Oil Study”

  1. asmalltowndad Says:

    I’m a artist that loves to hunt whitetail, but also appreciates the beauty. You have captured the majestic glow of this animal, very nice work!

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