The Atelier Show Day 2 of 3

Here are a few photos from DAY 2 of the show – there were many more I forgot to take photos of – sorry!

april hansen

April Hansen & I next to drawing of Richie Rich

frankie neil mom

Aunt Frankie – Neil & Mom

john nutzman

Lili with John Nutzman and me

jr lili

Brother Steve Jr and Lili.  Here it looks like Lili is saying something like “Psst… Hey buddy, wana buy a watch?”

Malia Weinhagen

Malia Weinhagen next to the portrait of her and Price

malia shelby weinhagen & friends

Malia and Shelby Weinhagen and friends

mary lili doug

Aunt Mary & Uncle Doug with Lili

kathy vetsch

Kathy Vetsch


melissa beaudry

Melissa Beaudry next to Richie

sarah steve

Sarah and Steve

Leslie & Tony stoy family

Leslie, Tony, Hazel and Baby Josephine Stoy

leslie & hazel Stoy painting

Leslie and Hazel next to the portrait of them from last year.

hazel josie meeting nicoli

Hazel & Josie meet Nicoli Petrov



hazel arwin

Hazel meets Arwin.

hazel leaving

Hazel has left the building.


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