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The Atelier Show Day 3 of 3

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ben swoop

Ben and Swoop


Me and Ben

Christine's family

Christine Mitzuk and her family and friends

jesse wollin

Jesse Wollin

joe burns

Joe Burns

jon burns

Jon Burns

kari johnson

Kari Johnson looking cute. 🙂

kathy nomura

Kathy Nomura says “Ta Dah! 5 years is easy!”

paul terry adam daniel


portrait of malia weinhagen & prince

The painting that took 9 months to complete…


sara & audry bobrowski debbie & kristen plath

Me,  Sara and Andrey, Debbie & Kristen


Baby Audrey! Isn’t she just so cute… awww…

tim christine

Biog Bad Tim and Christine

tim elaine's painting

Tim and d’boys

If anyone has any more photos from the show – I’d love to post them – just email me!  THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Atelier Show Day 2 of 3

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Here are a few photos from DAY 2 of the show – there were many more I forgot to take photos of – sorry!

april hansen

April Hansen & I next to drawing of Richie Rich

frankie neil mom

Aunt Frankie – Neil & Mom

john nutzman

Lili with John Nutzman and me

jr lili

Brother Steve Jr and Lili.  Here it looks like Lili is saying something like “Psst… Hey buddy, wana buy a watch?”

Malia Weinhagen

Malia Weinhagen next to the portrait of her and Price

malia shelby weinhagen & friends

Malia and Shelby Weinhagen and friends

mary lili doug

Aunt Mary & Uncle Doug with Lili

kathy vetsch

Kathy Vetsch


melissa beaudry

Melissa Beaudry next to Richie

sarah steve

Sarah and Steve

Leslie & Tony stoy family

Leslie, Tony, Hazel and Baby Josephine Stoy

leslie & hazel Stoy painting

Leslie and Hazel next to the portrait of them from last year.

hazel josie meeting nicoli

Hazel & Josie meet Nicoli Petrov



hazel arwin

Hazel meets Arwin.

hazel leaving

Hazel has left the building.

The Atelier Show Day 1 of 3

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Well, the time has come that I have now finished a full 5 years of study at The Atelier in Minneapolis MN.  Thank you for all who came to see the show and support me along the way.

Dan Blageo with Portrait

Dan Blageo in front of his portrait

Christine Mitzuk-Thomas in School store

Christine Mitzuk in the school store

class photo The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art 2009

The Class of 2008-2009 at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art in Minneapolis MN.  Studing Classical Realism.

Dale and Susan

Dale Redpath and Susan Cook

Dan and Todd - Talking Baseball

Dan and Todd talking baseball

Deb and Dad

Debra Johnson and my father

Jeanine and Libby

Jeanine and Libby – they are so cute!

Julie Lili and Jeff

Julie – Lili  and Jeffrey Smith


Kari Johnson

Kyle Shanhan and the girls

Kyle Shanahan and his girls

Lili - the Pale Rider

Lili – The Pale Rider.  I dressed up the school skeleton with the riding outfit when my model was not at school, we decided to name her Lili – the Pale Rider.

Me and Corrine Young

Here I am with Corrine Young

Nanci Fulmek and Lili the Pale Rider

Me and Lili

Me and My Book

Me with my graduation present from my teachers.

Nanci Fulmek and Tom Bethke

Me and Tom Bethke (aka Santa)

My crazy family

My crazy family

Neil Balgeo and Lili

Lili and Neil Blageo

Pat Schu Lili and Terry Belden

Pat Schu – Lili and Terry Beldon


Susan Cook

Terry Belden

Terry Belden in his studio

Thom Larson

Thom Larson next to his painting

misc group photo II

misc group photo III

Jill Muller with Jeff and Elaine Stolt with mother

misc group photo

Diane Flanagan, Laura Tundel, Elaine Stolt

The Grads Nanci Fulmek Kathy Vetsch Jesse Wollin Ben

The Grads

The Arrangement of orange roses with casts

I thought this was funny, it looks like the vase has a hand and it is trying to grab some chips and dip or something.

the casts

Here are a few of the cast that we get to draw as 1st year students.

Painting of figure studies in show

My two figure paintings

Painting of Arabian Horse Prince and Malia weinhagen in show

The portrait of Prince (Affires Freedom) and Malia Weinhagen

Painting of quick figure studie in show

My quick figure study

Painting of Santa and Deer in show

The Deer and Santa portrait

Ser Heart of Fame

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hearts Arabian Paint Oil

Oil on Canvas


This is the first equestrian portrait that I painted after learning to paint in oils.  I now paint tons of horses in oil.  This portrait of Hearts (a half Arabian paint Saddelbred) is life-size.

Painting portraits of horses is my favorite thing to do.  My most popular size is the life-size head & shoulder portrait.