My Skates

My Skates

“My Skates”
Oil on Canvas
$900 framed

So I thought about calling this “Lace and Silk”  and others said “Pretty in Pink” (which I think is SO over used.) I think calling them “MY SKATES,” since they are, MY skates.  anyway…  I bought these skates and my feet hurt so bad every time I wore them, so after a few (OK, I mean A LOT) of visits to the chiropractor.  I think I am going to try and skate in them again.  As of now, they were more useful on my still life stand then on my feet.  I knew a few guys who play hockey and they are deeply offended on the fact that they have “pink” blade covers. Ha ha!  Girls Play Hockey too you know…

Now that I have painted them, I am thinking of painting an old stinky worn out beat up pair, just for the guys. What do you think?


One Response to “My Skates”

  1. I really like this painting, you should do one of hockey gloves 🙂

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