Here is the charcoal study for the painting of State of Dee Heart (aka Richie)

As I have not painted many of the western horses, I meet with Richie’s owner Missy to find the perfect pose. We went thru LOTS of photos, and looked at old Appaloosa magazines. Then after I also took many photos we laid them out to put together the pose.

This “pose” is actully from his right side. We wanted to paint his “left side” with the heart spot on his hind quarters. soooo… I drew the drawing flip flopped, and they had to place all the spots in the correct place….fewww…. this was tough! So I have not drawn all the spots at this point, but I got the main ones down to transfer for the painting.


3 Responses to “Richie”

  1. WOW! I can’t believe how amazing – It doesn’t just look like Richie, it IS Richie – You have captured him beautifully!

  2. carrotplease Says:

    That’s beautiful! (and… by the by… do you ever offer prints or services for charitable causes? I’m working on putting together an internet auction at some point in the near future and will be looking for contributors! If not… still lovely work!)

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