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5K run

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From this angle it looks like I am first. I like this photo.¬† ūüėȬ†

¬†My legs did not hurt all the whole time, I was so excited!! My top speed was 7 mph according to my little GPS watch.¬† That made me happy, too bad I couldn’t do it the whole time…

We all (Neil, Emily, Mom, Me & Dan) ran the 5k race the night before Grandma’s Marathon last friday.¬† It was fun, we all know that we should have trained much more. Since none of us are runners…. but we did it all for Steve Jr.¬† Well, he made us all run the 5K if we wanted to stay in the hotel with him. So we did, since getting a hotel in Duluth during the marathon is like finding a lake in the desert!

My brother Steve Jr ran the marathon on Saturday and did awesome too!¬† How he does it I will never know. In case you can’t tell, he is the one with “JR” on his arm.

Good Job everyone!


Steve Jr

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Steve Jr



As my studio is still closed.  Here is another older pieces for now.

This is my brother Steve Jr.¬† When I asked him to model for me for a head study at school he said sure.¬† Then when he got there, he could hardly stay awake. I think that is funny since he is a marathon runner.¬† Anyway, we got through this just fine, he was my 1st head study painted at school.¬† Nothing more challenging then to paint facial hair with your 1st portrait study…

I have come a long way since I painted him.

Speaking of marathon’s – My brother is running Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth this weekend.¬† Wish me luck – as I am¬†running my 1st 5K friday night. (see what brothers make you do) – My shin has been hurting, so I will need all the prayers I can get!


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My studio is currently closed, for we are getting a new roof!  Which is a VERY good thing.

So, this week I have dug out a few older pieces.   This is my 2nd head study I painted at The Atelier.  Since I am used to painting horses all the time, this was my first pale blond person to paint. I learned a lot on this one.  I am glad it was just a study.  The photo is bit darker then the real painting. 

We are given 45 hours to complete the study.¬† We start with a charcoal drawing, which took me about 5-7 days (I forget.)¬† Then the painting was the rest.¬† I didn’t get a good finish, but I am happy for my 2nd head study.

That is all I have for today!

Good Morning Sunshine II

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“Good Morning Sunshine”

Oil on Canvas

Here is the completed interior painting.  When we started this drawing baby Hazel was 3 months old.  Now that we finished, she is now 10 months old!   When drawing from life, just try keeping a baby still, or even somewhat in the same spot,  I knew from the start this would be hard.  This was more challenging then I had guessed it to be. In time I learned that if someone came to visit in my studio and stood just behind Leslie, Hazel would almost always go into the same pose.  Then the challenge was to paint as fast as I could as Hazel was growing. There were things we added later (like her blond hair) and her cute smiling laugh.  Still keeping her 3 month old body and pose.  This is why the blanket appeared, to hide the squiggling.

The hardest part was to draw everything else in the room (persepectively speaking) and make it all look right.  If that was easier, I may have finsihed this months ago.  Now at least I know how to solve all those issues, or at least alot of them.  Next time should not take me nearly as long.

I titled this GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE, as I could hear my mom come into my room when I was little to wake¬†me¬†up.¬† She¬†would always say “Good morning sunshine.”¬† With the sun coming in the room, and Leslie picking up Hazel after a nap, you can just hear her whisper to her “Good morning sunshine.”