Wolf Study

“Wolf Study”


Oil on canvas


I was at the Como Zoo in St. Paul last fall.  For years I never seen the wolves there. Then a few years ago, I met a wolf named Dakota.  I went to visit every Sunday.  After a while, I could walk up to the fence and call his name and he would run from where ever he was hiding each time.  We did this for several years until his mate Mira died of cancer.  Then because Dakota was so old, instead of finding him a new mate, the switched him out with a pair from up at the Wild Life Science Center in Forest Lake.  Last I heard Dakota had also died of cancer too.  So, this is the new wolf, to which at this time I do not know either wolf’s name.  Someday…


One Response to “Wolf Study”

  1. Nanci,
    This one took my breath away! The expression is so powerful! He has the look of the Alpha wolf. Absolutely stunning!!

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