Thank you to all who stopped by The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art show last weekend.  I didn’t get photos of everyone, but will just post a few of them.  THANK YOU!!!

Here is Day one photos!

The whole gang at the Atelier

Aaron Fahrmann (a wonderful photographer) and Laura Tundel 5th year at the Atelier.

My mom and stepdad with my brother Steve Jr.

Mark & Darice Koepke – standing next to Darice’s portrait (in progress)

Nanci and Uncle Arnie

Nanci and Ben S – 3rd year Student

Nanci and Bill Kelly

Nanci and Collette Pilon first year at the Atelier

My brother Dan and me.

Daniel Walter (1st year) and Jessie Wollin (3rd year)

Nanci and Emily Tran

Jeffrey Smith Alumni and Nanci

Nanci and John Woolly and Friend.

Nanci and Kim Monahan Instructor

Artist Rick Hansen and Nanci

Nanci and Sara Bobrowski

Nanci and Sylvia

Tamar Snir and friends


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