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Wolf Study

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“Wolf Study”


Oil on canvas


I was at the Como Zoo in St. Paul last fall.  For years I never seen the wolves there. Then a few years ago, I met a wolf named Dakota.  I went to visit every Sunday.  After a while, I could walk up to the fence and call his name and he would run from where ever he was hiding each time.  We did this for several years until his mate Mira died of cancer.  Then because Dakota was so old, instead of finding him a new mate, the switched him out with a pair from up at the Wild Life Science Center in Forest Lake.  Last I heard Dakota had also died of cancer too.  So, this is the new wolf, to which at this time I do not know either wolf’s name.  Someday…


Thank you! (part II)

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Here is the last 1/2 of photos from The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art show.

Dan Petrov 2nd Year and Susan Cook 1st year

Elaine Stolt and Laura Tundel

Grandpa, Dad, Auntie Debbie and Kristen

Joe Burns 1st year and Kathy Nomura 4th year

Kari Jo Johnson 1st year

Mary and Doug

Nanci and Allison

Debbie Norton and Dave

Kyle Shanahan

Malia and Mary Kay Weinhagen

Terrie Myers

Dan Fulmek and Dad

Grandpa and Grandma

Jennifer Miller and Husband

John Erica Abby & Henry Nutzman

Terri and Steve Hawkins

Terry Belden and Pat Schu

A sign of the end of a long hard day!




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Thank you to all who stopped by The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art show last weekend.  I didn’t get photos of everyone, but will just post a few of them.  THANK YOU!!!

Here is Day one photos!

The whole gang at the Atelier

Aaron Fahrmann (a wonderful photographer) and Laura Tundel 5th year at the Atelier.

My mom and stepdad with my brother Steve Jr.

Mark & Darice Koepke – standing next to Darice’s portrait (in progress)

Nanci and Uncle Arnie

Nanci and Ben S – 3rd year Student

Nanci and Bill Kelly

Nanci and Collette Pilon first year at the Atelier

My brother Dan and me.

Daniel Walter (1st year) and Jessie Wollin (3rd year)

Nanci and Emily Tran

Jeffrey Smith Alumni and Nanci

Nanci and John Woolly and Friend.

Nanci and Kim Monahan Instructor

Artist Rick Hansen and Nanci

Nanci and Sara Bobrowski

Nanci and Sylvia

Tamar Snir and friends

Godfather Still Life

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“Tiamo Piu Della Mia Vita”

Oil on Canvas


Here is a still life I did which I thought was going to be just of my favorite vase. Little by little I added some items, the took them out, then added more, before I knew it – I had an eerie Godfather still life, not at all where I had originally intended. It is a bit funny to me.

I have the “horse head” as we all know was cut off in the movie. I have the olive branch (for the olive oil business), which also can mean a symbol of a peace treaty. Which I guess the guy who’s horse was cut off did agree to let the other guy get his movie part. Then I added the book itself, which my copy is a 1st edition hard cover. I added the single red rose to say “l love you” as the movie itself is a romantic one. The colors red white & green, could that be anymore Italian?

My favorite part is the errie reflection of the horse head in the vase. It might not have the same effect online as you do when you see the painting live.  Here the relection of the horse could be the blood covered horse head.  Not that I am about killing horses in anyway! (just want to make that clear!) But, it is my favorite part of the whole painting.

I hope you enjoy!

Black Arabian Horse

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“Black Stallion”


Oil on Canvas

Here is a little study of the horse “King.”  He is a beautiful black arabian, just like in the book/movie “The Black Stallion.”

For more Horse Paintings see my website <a target=”_blank”>Nanci Fulmek</a>


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Just an update, I will be having my 4th year show at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art.  This is our full time student show.  There will be 18 of the best artist in the twin cites showing their creations this weekend!

The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art
1701 E Hennepin  Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(3rd floor)

May 16-18

Fri 2-9 / Sat 12-8 / Sun 12-5

Contact me with any questions.

Sundancer – Arabian/Paint Horse

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Oil on gessoboard


Spring is here and it is time to play! I love this little half Arabian/Paint! He was a horse I did a larger lifesize head portrait for in 2006. To see Click on Equine Portraits.